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School District Five student earns membership to South Carolina Book Awards Committee

For Immediate Release – July 1, 2019



School District Five student earns membership to South Carolina Book Awards Committee

IRMO – A student in Lexington-Richland School District Five has been given the opportunity to participate in the South Carolina Book Awards Committee, which is hosted by the South Carolina Association of School Librarians.


Seth Jerideau, a rising third grader at Dutch Fork Elementary School, has accepted the responsibility to read nearly 130 books over the next two years and discuss his favorites with peers from across the state. His former teacher Ms. Sheila Sazehn recommended him for the committee.


“When he first came into my room we looked at the second grade library and said he can read these books, but we need good literature,” said Sazehn, a second grade teacher at Dutch Fork Elementary School. “I went to the media specialist at our school and said I really need help with this advanced reader. She showed me the honor award books and she said you know they do have children committees. I had her send me the information because I thought that would definitely be good literature. I sent the information to his parents and it was a process that they went through and I’m just really proud of them and proud of Seth for committing to it.”


Jerideau knows it will be a huge commitment both on him and his parents.


“I’m going to have to read a lot, but I’m also going to have to participate in the meetings and talk to the other members about the books and tell them my favorite books,” said Jerideau. “We are going to choose the best series or best book in South Carolina for the 2019-2020 school year and 2020-2021 school year.”


Seth’s parents Cerea and Dwayne Jerideau are not only up for the challenge, but excited to see him grow through this process.


Cerea Jerideau said, “It’s exciting! He’s excited about it. He had to complete an essay in order to apply for the committee. He’s really challenged himself to read 2-3 books at least every month for the next two years. It’s a huge commitment, but it’s a commitment that is obviously worth it and it encourages him to read and learn, so we are just really proud of him!”


Dwayne Jerideau said he has noticed how much his son has grown just by reading advanced books.


He said, “It’s not only about what he’s reading, it’s what he’s learning. I can see him apply the information and if you ask him what he’s learning he can definitely talk you through what the book is about, about what he’s learned from it and apply those things.”


Seth said he is most looking forward to getting to know his fellow committee members and appreciates the support from his teacher and his parents.


“It feels good to be a part of the reading committee because I know that people are supporting me. I’m really excited I get to meet new people on the committee and learn fun facts about them,” Jerideau said.


Sazehn no longer teachers Seth, but is excited about where he is headed as a young learner. “I’m just really proud of Seth because it’s a commitment and his parents have to have that commitment too. I think the best part about it is Seth is learning to analyze literature,” said Sazehn.


Cerea Jerideau credits Ms. Sazehn and the school district for pushing her son to be a better version of himself.


“We are just really fortunate we have a wonderful school, wonderful administrators, and a wonderful teacher in Ms. Sazehn to even be able to acknowledge his talent and select him and make the recommendation for this process,” said Jerideau. “We are just really thankful that we are in just a great school district and are just really fortunate to be here.”