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School District Five Board approves plan for public participation via audio submissions

For Immediate Release – May 20, 2020


School District Five Board approves plan for public participation via audio submissions

IRMO – Members of the public will be able to pre-record comments and questions and have them played at virtual school board meetings, through a new plan approved by Lexington-Richland School District Five’s Board of Trustees.


The board approved a plan for audio public participation submissions during its virtual meeting on May 18. School District Five board meetings have been held virtually due to federal and state guidelines encouraging social distancing in response to coronavirus (COVID-19). Live audio for virtual meetings has been provided to the public through the district’s streaming platform, and links to the meeting have been shared publicly prior to the meeting on the website. 


“Members of the public can submit comments and/or questions by calling a district phone number and leaving a recording of their comments or questions,” Board Chairman Michael Cates said. “…We all look forward to the day we can return to some sense of normalcy and face-to-face meetings.”


Audio submissions can be made between the time that the board agenda is posted and 12 noon on the date of the school board meeting, and only submissions made at the designated times will be played at the board meeting. The number for audio submissions will be posted publicly on the district website and social media and shared with local media outlets.


Submissions will be limited to a length of 2400KB, which approximates a three-minute recording. An automated message will provide members of the public with guidelines for submitting public participation comments and/or questions, and the district will treat each submission as if it were given during public participation and follow policy BEDH in addressing the submissions.


The board voted to suspend its Policy BEDH Public Participation at Meetings on April 6, its first virtual meeting since schools were closed due to COVID-19. On April 27, the board voted to reinstate BEDH, providing the means for written submissions while planning to revisit the policy. Recordings of board meetings and other board information can be found on the board information page at