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School District Five school takes part in national Green Apple Day of Service

For Immediate Release – September 26, 2019



School District Five school takes part in national Green Apple Day of Service

IRMO – Students at Dutch Fork Elementary School Academy of Environmental Sciences got their hands dirty while learning about nature and sustainability during the Green Apple Day of Service.


The Green Apple Day of Service is a national, annual event that involves students, parents and community members who take part in environmental and sustainability efforts taking place at schools.  Dutch Fork Elementary’s event took place September 29 and September 30 at the school located on Broad River Road in Irmo.


“The purpose of Green Apple Day of Service is to provide sustainability,” said Dutch Fork Elementary Assistant Principal Brandon Gantt.  “It is saying the earth is our most important resource and we want to make sure that our students understand that concept.  It gives us a chance to bring our community in to the school and allows for everybody to be part of making Dutch Fork Elementary a better place but understand that we are just a microcosm of the big world that is the earth.”


The school invited community partners as well to take part in the day of service.  Jay Keck with the South Carolina Wildlife Federation was one of the community partners who attended.  He helped lead the cleanup in one of the school’s gardens.  He taught students about nature while they were cleaning up.


“I remember when my Dad took me out fishing and hunting, you never forget that awesome feeling of connecting with nature.  Students start to care more about the environment when they see it in action and understand how it works,” Keck said.


Since it began in 2012, the Green Apple Day of Service has inspired almost a million people in 80 countries to act in support of sustainability at their schools.


“It makes me feel good because not everybody gets the opportunity to be in this type of environmental school to learn this type of knowledge,” said Collin Geiger, Dutch Fork Elementary fifth grader.


Fifth grader Mikayla Cook added, “I think it is fun.  We get to clean up and hike the nature trail while learning about the importance of the environment.”


Dutch Fork Elementary School Academy of Environmental Sciences offers a comprehensive program which includes inquiry-based, hands-on studies of the environment all around us. The program immerses children in an environment that emphasizes discovery and exploration, collaborative study, scientific research, use of scientific tools and technology, and a strong sense of community. In addition, students have the opportunity to integrate and apply the environmental sciences in reading, math, social studies, writing, and the arts.


Gantt added, “It gives kids an understanding of the bigger picture, which is we want to make sure that we are reusing, reducing and recycling.  Our students get to see that firsthand each day here at school.”