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Back to School Information: Reentry Hardship Requests

As we approach the start of school for students, School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties will provide information, videos and updates to help our staff and families prepare. We aim to share factual information in a timely manner, as it becomes available. Visit our reentry website at, and email us at for answers to your questions.


Details Regarding Reentry Hardship Requests 

For families requesting to change their instructional option before the district's pre-established dates,* School District Five has established new procedures and criteria for reentry hardship requests.  

  • *Option Change Preestablished Dates: School District Five asks that families of elementary school students commit to at least a quarter and that families of secondary students commit to at least a semester before requesting a change in their instructional option (i.e. hybrid or virtual).
  • The administration realizes that there may be special circumstances. Therefore, families meeting the reentry hardship criteria (below) may request reassignment by following our district’s reentry “hardship” procedure: 
    • Criteria: Families must meet one or more of the following reentry hardship criteria: 
      • Documented Medical Exemption
      • Legal Accommodation
      • Religious Exemption
      • Special Needs Accommodation
      • Language Barrier Accommodation
  • Like previous hardship requests for students, approval will be contingent upon spacing/capacity.
  • Hardship requests will not be needed when the district provides all families the opportunity to change their instructional options at the end of the quarter (elementary) or semester (secondary).


Reminder: Important Dates

*LEAP Days will be August 31 - September 4.

  *The first day for students in School District Five will be September 8.  

View the district’s 2020-2021 school year calendar: