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School District Five announces plan for 5-day in-person instruction

School District Five will begin the transition of in-person students from a 4-day in-person instructional schedule to a 5-day in-person schedule. This transition will begin on February 1 for all students. Wednesdays will no longer be distance learning days for in-person students.


Schools may utilize a 100% distance learning model during any phase if needed in response to COVID-19. Phases and dates can be modified, contingent upon reentry considerations. The district's Flexible Innovative Virtual Education (FIVE) virtual program will continue during all in-person learning models.


During a November 16 School Board meeting, the board voted 6-1 to “direct the Superintendent to move forward with the reentry plan presented ...which provides for face-to-face instruction five days a week beginning, Feb. 1, 2021, while continuing with the FIVE remote learning option.” The motion also stated that “if there is evidence of an increase in COVID positive tests within the zip code in the District 5 portion of Lexington and Richland counties that may cause safety issues, a request for a revised plan can be made to the board after the evidence of an increase is presented, discussed and approved by the board.”


Click the following link to view the superintendent’s report from the November 16 board meeting: Recordings of board meetings are posted on the district’s Board Information tab after the meetings. To learn more about school board meetings, please visit: