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School District Five Board elects new board officers during its Feb. 24 meeting

The Lexington-Richland School District Five Board of Trustees elected board officers for two positions, after its board chairman stepped down from that officer role during its Monday, Feb. 24 meeting.


Robert Gantt resigned as chairman, emphasizing he is “in good health” and will continue to serve on the school board. Michael Cates was elected board chairman after a public vote by the board, while Beth Hutchison will continue to serve as vice chairman. Gantt was elected board secretary during Monday’s meeting.  


Gantt said he will continue to serve in his new role with “the same love, care and devotion.”


“I find myself at a point in my life where I believe that serving as board chair requires more time than I can give to achieve the standard and fulfill my personal and family obligations,” Gantt said at the meeting. “…Because I love District Five and only want the best of everything that it stands for, (my wife) Laura, my family and I have determined that it is time for me to step down as board chair and allow one of my able and very capable peers to fulfill that role.”


As the district’s official policy-making entity, the School District Five Board of Trustees formulates policies to enhance educational opportunities in the district by interpreting the needs and goals of the community. Consisting of seven members, the board conducts public elections to select board officers as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary. In the case of a vacancy, elections of board officers are held at the discretion of the board per policy BD.


Chairman Cates thanked Mr. Gantt for his service during the Feb. 24 meeting, saying education has been impacted positively by his service.


“While we are fortunate that Mr. Gantt continues to serve on this board, our district is in a better place because of Robert Gantt’s service,” Cates said, after accepting the role of chairman. “We are fortunate that someone would give the time and energy. I know the sacrifice that Laura and the family experience, and I just want you to join me in a public acknowledgement of Mr. Gantt for a job well done.”


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