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For Parents - Morning Procedures

     To help ensure the safety of our students, parents wishing to walk their child to class must enter through our main office and sign in. Visitors will continue to need a drivers’ license to sign in through our Lobby Guard system. You will also need to complete the visitor’s form for each visit. This will increase the amount of time it takes to complete the sign in process, so please keep these changes in mind as you come to visit the school.
     In order to ensure that you have time to check in, we highly recommend that you arrive between 7:10 – 7:20. Once the 7:50 tardy bell rings, and our instructional day begins, parents and other guests will be asked to refrain from proceeding to the classrooms so that teachers and students may begin their day without interruption. Parents wishing to speak with the teacher need to call or email to make arrangements for this at a time other than during morning take in. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to ensure the safety of all students.