Google Classroom...


Each night you should check for assignments to be posted onto GOOGLE CLASSROOM  

  • Be sure to OPEN the assignment, follow DIRECTIONS, then MARK AS DONE when you are finished.
  • Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they're assigned.

Homework Expectations:

  1. Assignment completed (if you get stuck, write a question to ask the next day...never leave it blank, ?, IDK, etc.)
  2. All work shown to support your answers (a list of answers is NOT ok...nor is it ok to simply use a calculator to get a final answer without showing your steps)
  3. Write in pencil (unless you are only typing your answer in Google Classroom)


Calendar by Class:

Block 1:  Math6  

Block 2:  Math6

Block 4:  Math6

Block 5:  Honors Pre-Algebra